Jefferson Rod Co. is a custom fly rod shop in the State of Jefferson. Built one at a time—to order—we utilize simple processes to create uniquely beautiful tools for discerning fly anglers.  

We spend extensive time communicating with and assisting our customers to properly equip each angler with a carefully paired rod to maximize their experience on the water. Each angler has a unique story and our extensive time on the water allows us to relate and equip according to the specific needs and requests of the angler.

The Beginning

Our craft was honed through many season of guiding fly anglers, and building custom rods vocationally. Extensive time on the water, along with a deep knowledge of rod design, combine to lend a practical perspective on the key aspects required in designing and crafting a truly excellent fly rod. Jefferson Rod Co. was born in a small shop near the Rogue River in Oregon. 

The State of Jefferson

In the early 20th century, many citizens living in Southern Oregon and Northern California felt their needs were ignored by their state’s governments. The two regions joined forces in attempt to form a 51st state proudly known as the State of Jefferson. Though the dream never came to fruition, the "State of Jefferson" still represents a spirit of independence and self-sufficiency that is alive today. A state of mind.