At Jefferson Rods, we build rods to deliver on the unwavering mission of our small shop: to build rods that perform flawlessly while displaying the highest quality of craftsmanship. Built one at a time—to order—we utilize simple processes to create uniquely beautiful fishing tools for anglers who strive to excel on their home-waters, and beyond.

The Beginning

My rod building expertise was honed through many seasons spent guiding fly anglers, and building rods vocationally whenever not on the river myself. My extensive time on the water, plus a deep knowledge of rod design, combine to give me a practical perspective on the most desirable aspects required in building a truly great fly rod.

After scouting out just the right location that would allow me to spend more time on the water fishing and testing my designs, I moved Jefferson Rods into a shop near the Rogue River in Oregon.

The State of Jefferson

In 1941, citizens living in parts of Southern Oregon and Northern California who felt their needs were underrepresented by their state’s governments, joined forces in an attempt to form new Jefferson State. Though their dream never came to fruition, “Jefferson State” still represents a spirit of independence and self-sufficiency that informs our rod-building efforts. We’re going to do it right, and do it proudly, every time.

Though only a “mythical” state, Jefferson Rods is surrounded by countless rivers and natural beauty that a person could happily spend a lifetime exploring. We intend to do just that.

 Giving Back 

Five percent of our sales revenue is donated to our friends at Fly Fishing Collaborative. Through joint efforts within the Flyfishing community, FFC has successfully made a difference by providing sustainable food sources to impoverished communities throughout the world. FFC is also passionate about conservation and gives generously to worthy efforts to protect and restore the health of fisheries.