We can build any of our classic tapers to be uniquely styled. Custom rods require one on one communication. If you have questions or would like to order, please contact us.

Reel Seats

We have a selection of locally milled wood inserts for reel seats available in a wide variety of colors and grains. From natural burls to reds, greens, and blues we can achieve a wide variety of color schemes. We also have the ability to engrave names, images, and logos on our anodized aluminum reel seats. Our availability of certain wood options will vary at any given time. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know what is available.


We can achieve a wide variety of different looks and shapes on our custom milled handles. Adding a wood block into a spey grip is a nice addition. We also have a wide variety of cork composites that allow us to create a variety of different looks and textures. Turning handles one at a time allows us to achieve almost any desired shape or diameter.


Any color combination imaginable can be achieved with our huge selection of over a hundred thread colors. From natural tones to bright metallics, the only limit is the imagination. We have used our thread selection to mirror the appearance of various fish species, sports teams, and landscapes.

Feather Inlays

Most hackle varieties can be used as inlays above the handles. We most often use grizzly hackle (both natural and dyed) on our rods. However, we also select more colorful turkey, jungle cock, or guinea feathers to create elegant and unique patterns on custom orders. Let us know if you’d like to send us your own feathers to inlay on your rod!


Custom rod pricing varies and is dependent upon specific details. To get an exact price please contact us. Generally the following pricing can be applied using the price of our classic series as a base.



Custom reel seat insert +$55
Wood in handle +$65 per piece
Custom Engraving +$55
Custom thread colors +$45
Custom Feather inlays
(grizzly feathers included)