We are a small shop building rods one at a time. Our limited size and honed craftsmanship allows us to provide something special; a close connection to our products as well as our customers. Being a part of each angler’s journey is the most enjoyable aspect of what we do here. Every rod is built for the unique needs and preferences of the specific angler.

Our goal is to craft rods that excel on the water while displaying the highest quality of components and craftsmanship. We use the best materials we can find to create very effective, caster friendly rods. But quality of performance is not the only objective, we are obsessive about creating rods that are aesthetically unique, elegant, and crafted with the individual in mind. 

Our shop is small and minimalistic. Behind our door you will only find a few work rooms and a variety of simple tools. 

Designed for optimal comfort, reduced weight and elegence. Our hand-turned grips are built  to endure many seasons of hard use. We often use various types of composites and stabilized wood to create unique handles to meed individual taste and preferences. 

It’s all in the details. Our thread and epoxy finish work is done the old fashioned way, one thread wrap and epoxy coat at a time. We have the ability to achieve almost any imaginable combination of colors and styles on our guide assemblies and decorative wraps. 

Fly rods are more than just tools. We understand that anglers tend to have a connection with their favorite rod, a relationship that only gets better with time spent on the water. We appreciate how a great rod becomes an integral part of the fly fisher’s experience, and our aim is to make elegant rods that anglers can use season after season.